The Importance of Fire Doors

A fire in your home is one of the most devastating catastrophes that can occur! It is an event that can destroy both lives and memories. That is why it is imperative to do all you can to protect your home. There are ways that you can help to control a fire before it even starts!

Fire resistant doors are something that every homeowner should invest in. Hopefully, you will never have to see them in action, but if you ever do, they will pay for themselves in a moment! A fire door can help to stop the spread of flames and keep a fire contained! Many businesses and new home constructions are required to have fire doors installed in them.

A fire door is a door that looks like any normal door. It has the same function of a normal door and most people would never be able to tell that it is a special door. The true difference in these types of doors is not seen until a fire is taking place. That is when they begin to work their magic and can help to save a home or building from being gutted by fire.

This door works by burning at a much slower rate than typical doors and building materials. It acts as a shield against fire and helps to stop or slow it from spreading to other rooms in a home or business. These doors are made from a special combination of fire-restrictive materials that include Steel, Vermiculite, and Gypsum. These materials, when combined, produce a great heat-resistant material that allows time for fire officials to stop the fire and for trapped victims to escape.

To work effectively, these doors are designed to remain closed at all times. An open door is a useless means of fire protection. It is not recommended that these types of doors ever be held open with any type of door stop, or used with a draft blocker, as these devices can impede the door’s effectiveness against fire. It is also important to have these doors checked annually for any damage that could result in door failure. glass fire doors

If the door is properly installed and maintained, it can be invaluable in a fire situation. This door can hold off the flames of a fire and can save lives! Every large building, such as schools and hospitals are required to have these doors installed. Homeowners should also consider having fire doors. No one wants to lose a home or business to a fire!

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